Loyal Jackson Advocate readers may recall a certain regular advice column that appeared in that historic publication in the early 2000's: "Ask the Twins."

Brinda and her twin sister Linda penned the column together and were an immediate hit: readers couldn't wait to see if the double identical twins would agree! As questions poured in—on topics regarding love, faith, career, disability, and education— the column garnered a faithful following that ranged from young adults to sage seniors.

The sisters would often surprise the audience with entirely different responses to a reader's question, and were a weekly source of entertainment and insightful advice that showed there is always another way to see the world.

Click below to read and enjoy a few of Brinda's favorites from "Ask the Twins":
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Dear Twins,

Next month starts the holiday season, which means invitations to parties. My problem is, I don't have a date to take to the functions I will be invited to. Showing up stag is just not an option...READ MORE
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Dear Twins,

My boyfriend of about two years has recently purchased me a new smartphone for my birthday. I really thought it was the best thing he could have given me until I found out that the phone has a tracking device on it...READ MORE
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Dear Twins,

Recently I ran into a man that I dated many moons ago. He and I had a great relationship, and I really want to see him again. However, he is very vague about giving up his contact information...READ MORE
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