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Dr. Brinda Fuller Willis is a freelance author, public speaker, and consultant based in Mississippi.

Brinda, (Dr. Willis immediately invites people to be comfortable): a "Double Identical" Twin from a family of 16 brothers and sisters, was born and raised on a large farm in Attala County, MS near Kosciusko.  She holds a Ph.D. in Theology from New Foundations Seminary and degrees in Social Work and Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from Mississippi State University. A true reflection of her rich and varied experiences, education, and travels, Brinda's writing style is "Double Identical" presenting her subjects to the audience with both truth and humanity.

Rooted in her upbringing in Attala County MS, Brinda’s' love for people, the Blues, and food all joined hands to make her an exciting writer with something to say.  After graduating Mississippi State University Brinda moved to Chicago, IL where she had spent her childhood summers first playing alongside cousins then working in the factories and hospitals to earn money for school.  This is where she first began to take notice of the challenges faced by those who lacked the same supportive social environments she enjoyed through the close-knit family that always came together around music and food.
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Through her love of the Blues Brinda met and married internationally renowned blues singer Chick Willis with whom she had one daughter, Savannah, herself the proud mother of one daughter, Charlotte Lucille.  After living in Chicago, Milwaukee and Atlanta she returned to Mississippi where she began writing the "Ask the Twins" advice column with her sister Linda. The advice column was an immediate hit as readers couldn't wait to see if the double identical twins would agree!  Often the sisters would surprise the audience with entirely different responses to questions sent in by readers regarding love, faith, and career.  The twins were a weekly source of entertainment and insightful advice that showed there is always another way to see the world.

Brinda decided to take a break to pursue dual interests in artist management and expanding knowledge and history of the Blues through her management company, Twice as Nice Entertainment, LLC and her work with the Mississippi Humanities Council where she is a sought-after speaker who brings interesting information to audiences with topics such as (‘’Why We Call it Soul Food’’ ‘’How We Got the Blues In Mississippi’’ & The Great Migration”)

Brinda is currently working on two books in addition to managing her entertainment company and a growing list of interesting people, food, and the Blues.
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